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P3AT as a BUG

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This is my first post, but I have been a long time lurker.  As a member of LE, I require a lot out of my weapons.  I used to carry a S&W 442 as a BUG to my duty Glock.  After acquiring the P3AT, the 442 stays at home.  I have found this pistol to be reliable, accurate and more importantly easy to carry in various ways.  I have more than 300 rounds through mine with no trouble.  This is a great weapon for its intended use.

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I also have had super reliability from my P3AT. I did carry a S&W 637 and as light as it was there is no comparison to the KT. Ballistically the 380 is pretty close to the 38 Spl but not as good as + P. There are some really good 380 rounds available for carry, Speer GD, Cor Bon DPX, Rem Golden Sabre all worked well. Given the comfort factor and ease of concealment I felt the KT was a good choice.
Welcome to the forum and stay safe out there.
Welcome to ktog! The p3at makes a great BUG or works well as a primary, which would not work for you unless maybe you are off duty or some such. Mine eats everything I put in it without hesitation and is very accurate well past distances it was intended for. This adds another level of confidence to an already great little gun.
Mine, too, has been 100% from day 1.  MOST of them are... by far.  In my county, they are extremely hard to get, because every one that my LGS gets in is either spoken for or bought the first day by the local LEOs for BUGs.  I just happened to walk in an hour after they put mine and one other one out.  The other one sold immediately, I was just really lucky to get mine before someone else.  They just can't keep 'em in!


My P3AT has also been 100% from round one. I keep looking at the 442's at gun shows, but I just know it will be left locked in the safe. It is ironic that the lowly little P3AT is, for some, making the classic wheel gun a bit obsolete.
I wish I could say it that mine was perfect but I've had 4-5 ejection problems in the first 250 rounds -- but most of those rounds have been re-loads. I suspect now that the gun is broken in I won't be having as many issues.
The KT has so much going in its favor but I doubt the revolver will become obsolete. I have carried my 637 for a long time but since buying the P3AT I have not used it much anymore. The KT is so much lighter and easier to conceal. I am currently looking at holsters for my PF9, the only decision I will have trouble making is which one to carry... Maybe both, that works.
My HC P-3AT has been flawless for 250 rounds -- couldn't be happier with it.  "theheater905," I just ordered two holsters from Sideguard Holsters (Srigs, a KTOG member makes them), and I'm really enjoying them.  I got a Minimalist IWB and a pocket holster.  The Minimalist was 30 bucks and the pocket holster was 15!  Turnarond time?  Two and a half weeks.  Guess I need to do a review of Srigs holsters since I also got some Rough Grabs, too.  Designed to go in the pocket and hold an extra mag or a knife.  His prices are good, his holsters are extremely well made, and that turnaround time can't be beat for a custom holster.


P.S. The holsters I'm referring to are for the PF-9.
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