P32 or P-3at?  P-3at reliable enough?

Discussion in 'P-3AT' started by BaileyMoto, Feb 24, 2008.

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    Feb 24, 2008
    Obviously bigger is usually better. I generally subscribe to that theory as well. Some p32 owners shy away from the p-3at due to its apparent reliability and are waiting for a new generation. Would you say this is true about the 2nd gen P-3at? I know the 1st gen had some problems, but did the 2nd gen address them all?
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    Re: P32 or P-3at?  P-3at reliable enough?

    I sure hope so as my family bets their lives on the P3AT as to AT LEAST 10's of thousands of Americans based on the numbers sold...

    -Scott (who wonders why questions like these (another on the Pf9 right now) don't get asked by those who have spent some time reading through the threads?)

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    Jul 25, 2005
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    Hey Bailey, check your other thread (in the P32 forum). I summed it all up quite nicely for you. There is a reason Keltec makes and sells 15 billion P3AT's a month. ;D
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    Re: P32 or P-3at?  P-3at reliable enough?

    We do tend to frown on double-posting.  :-?

    I will comment that the P32 and P3AT are essentially the same platform although the P32 is slightly smaller and lighter.  Probably the somewhat lower velocity of the 32acp would be a little easier on the gun, possibly resulting in less stress and wear and tear issues.  The P32 also holds an extra round, has a slide stop and an available 10 rd mag.  I like both and feel good about carrying either.
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    Feb 21, 2008
    Re: P32 or P-3at?  P-3at reliable enough?

    I just took delivery of two of the P3ATs.
    The book says break them in with 50-100 rounds of ammo each.
    I put 100 rounds through each using both FMJS and JHPS in two brands of ammo. I cleaned and lubed them before firing.
    I had a fairly high percentage of failure to extract on both guns.
    I cleaned them again and took them too the gunsmith. He looked them over, did a little fluff and buff but said he saw nothing that would cause the problem.
    So I bought another 200 rounds of ammo, another brand and tried them again.
    The first gun tuned itself and it now just fine. The second was very bad. I had a 15-20% FTE on that gun. I took it back to the gunsmith and he felt that the tension spring was the problem but somehow the screw that held it and the extractor had damage to the head (during install or ?). Anyway, his tools would not fit it. He did not feel right slotting it to remove it.
    I took it home and tried with my 2mm tools and neither my ball driver set nor a standard allen set would fit the head for removal.
    So a just put it in a box with a copy of the bill and a letter and sent it to Kel-Tec.
    The guns are just what I wanted and have a life time warranty. I am not worried about the ability of Kel-Tec to repair the gun.
    Would I want to buy one of these and assume it would fire for self defense without a problem. No based on what I have seen.
    But then again I have had many pistols in the past that had break in problems of one sort or another and I understand Kel-Tec stands behind their products unlike some others I have had in the past.
    And I don't even want to discuss the first M16s that we were issued in the Army. >:(