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P17 slide stop

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One of my p17 slide stops began to malfuntion. It was of course becaused i was using it as a slide release. Anyway i was able to get another sent to me.

Oh by the way let me go off topic for a bit.

I had recently ranted several times about not being able to get parts. Well its because i was speaking to the tech. It must be in thier hand book to say that you can not do the work yourself and they cant sell you parts.
I found that if i spoke to the cystomer service representative and Confessed that i inderstood any work i may do would probably void the warranty i could get parts sent to me. If it is a warranty issue they will be sent for free. If its something i had done then i could buy the part. My faith in kel tec customer service restored. Who wants to spend 60.00 on shipping a 200.00 dollar gun for a 5 second fix?

Ok back on topic.
My OCD required that the slide stop function as it should.

Once in hand I realized that the trunion would need to be removed to access the old slide stop.
After confirming my suspicion with Mcarbo i went to work.

If you watch the Very detailed Mcarbi p17 trigger upgrade you will notice he instructs you not to mess with the two big screws on the left side of the frame. Well the one big screw just after the screw that tensions the trigger and before the last big screw face most reward is your target.

This screw when removed allows you to remove the barrel and trunion as one unit. Take note of the placement of the super tiny spring that actuates the slide stop.

The slide stop had a small nub that needed to be filed down a bit in order for it to function properly.
Its located on the elongated leg adjacent to the circle that mount on the frame.

Once the new slide stop is installed . Hold it in place and the install the trunion. Follow the Mcarbo video to reassemble.

Well after a wuick 3 mag dump with no issues i am happy to say all is well.
So far the only thing i havent taken apart on the p17 is the hammer group. I say this because i am in awe of its engineering. This thing is basically machine stamped parts precariously tensioned via springs that are holding on via thin air.

Its amazing that this gun works at all. It is a testament to their product that it functions so well.

Again elegant implicitly.

Their shouldnt be any part of this gun that your every day DIY gun tinkerer cant fix or replace.
It gives me confidence that this thing will be a staple in my range fun bag for years to come.
Oh and i have stop using it to drop the slide.


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Thank-you for this post. I'm sure many will find it helpful.

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