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I had an ar15 stock on it.

It was too heavy and bulky when folded.

Thats a MI ar15 folding stock mechanism and it has some weight to it as well.

The ar15 pistol tube provides same purpose as standard ar15 stock but drops weight and bulk.

It keeps weapon lighter and sleeker.
I am still able to shoulder weapon as normal. It brings eye closer to chargimg handle and nose doesnt come in contact with it.

Bring face closer to charging handle helped with gaining proper eye relief. When i mount the rifle my eyes are lined up with optic without the need to adjust.

Recently thought about shortening the barrel but i dont think it would make that much difference.

Besides this way i dont have to worry about brace or SBR issues.

Next is to find a place to copy handgaurd in aluminum.
Ah gotcha. Makes sense. If you want a real stock a SIG MPX stock might be lighter than your current arrangement.
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