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I had an ar15 stock on it.

It was too heavy and bulky when folded.

Thats a MI ar15 folding stock mechanism and it has some weight to it as well.

The ar15 pistol tube provides same purpose as standard ar15 stock but drops weight and bulk.

It keeps weapon lighter and sleeker.
I am still able to shoulder weapon as normal. It brings eye closer to chargimg handle and nose doesnt come in contact with it.

Bring face closer to charging handle helped with gaining proper eye relief. When i mount the rifle my eyes are lined up with optic without the need to adjust.

Recently thought about shortening the barrel but i dont think it would make that much difference.

Besides this way i dont have to worry about brace or SBR issues.

Next is to find a place to copy handgaurd in aluminum.
Ah gotcha. Makes sense. If you want a real stock a SIG MPX stock might be lighter than your current arrangement.

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Bad day at Black Rock! Just purchased a New in box P17 and first day at the range and on magazine #3 using a mix of Remington Thunderbolt, Browning BPR, and Winchester Super X ammo it went bang in a bad way. After 9 or so rounds an explosion in the breach, the slide was blown off the right rail jammed in a mid-stroke position. Wow. I jerked on the slide after dropping the magazine and while holding the slide stop tabs down was able to field strip the slide. The explosion damaged and cracked the magazine and looks like the .22 round head blew apart. After searching the ground was able to find about 13 bulging cases from all three ammo makers and luckily a ripped apart case head. There appears to be some slight damage to the right frame slide and a split magazine on the front side.

I called Keltec this morning and customer service was good and she asked for all the information to generate a shipping label, I also went today to my LGS where I purchased the pistol and they informed me their distributor has a lifetime replacement guarantee. I then call their distributor and asked about that service and was told if I go direct to Keltec and they do an exchange the distributor can not warrantee the replacement but they could if they do it through their inventory and later take it up with Keltec.

I like everything about the P17 for the exception that it wants to go bang in the other direction. My question is do I go direct to Keltec or my LGS distributor?
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I have a problem with part of the frame breaking off. I really don't know what has happened here. I shot the gun yesterday and I didn't notice anything until today when I was cleaning the gun. The gun wasn't dropped, and I didn't notice anything while shooting. It was just a normal day. I looked for polymer in my range bag and I didn't see anything on the range table.
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