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Like Henry Ford said about the Model T: "You can have any color you want ... as long as it's black."

In the case of George Kellgren: "You can have any slide finish you want ... as long as it's a thin, flimsy, easily-rusting blued finish." :D

I'm sure they'll eventually offer some kinda Cerakote finish and maybe even a hard-chromed or nickel finish (the latter absolutely being the one I would prefer). TFB TV did an early review of the P15 the other day, and the guy was already saying to pretty much plan on applying your own protective finish (even if it's just Rustoleum) if you live in any kind of a climate that involves heat, humidity, and sweat. Sooooo ... KT did pretty good in sticking to the P11's roots, I guess. Perhaps a bit too much, because the crappy so-called "blued" finish I had on my first P11 was forever a source of frustration when trying to deal with preventing rust. (My "solution" was to coat it with VHT brake caliper paint and bake it on, which worked for a decent amount of time, but still flaked off eventually. A thin coating of spray-on bedliner on my similarly poopy "blued" P32 has been holding up well for years.)
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