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P-3AT with CT

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I am looking for a slip on grip for my set up? What works with it? Do I need to do any trimming? What do you recommend?
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I believe a hogue Handall JR would work, with a hole cut out for the button. Itd be tricky to get it on, but once on should stay put.
The KTAddons grip sleeve is very thin and you can put it on first and then the C/T laser grip.
Hogue is now making and soon will be selling a mini-sized slip on grip marketed for the LCP.  Apparently it is a downsized version of the Hogue Handall Jr, which is a poor fit on these diminuative guns.  Certainly the mini-grip will fit the P3AT/P32 and all the other Johnny-Come-Lately pocket 380s.  I forget what they are calling it but Burley recently ordered one.  They were not yet shipping.

Here it is...
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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