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First off, "vs." is "versus" not "verse". That's my Mr. Language Guy lesson for today.

I've written about my P3AT before and the problems that I had with it. I did some more fiddling with it and took it to the range today.

Because of the problems with the P-3AT, I started looking at the Ruger LCP. A couple months back I got a good deal on a Ruger LCP and got a spare magazine for it as well. I really wanted to like the Ruger, mostly because I really like Ruger products.

To start with, the two pistols are so close in size that it doesn't matter but the Ruger does look nicer, more finished.

Off to the range with a few boxes of Freedom Munitions .380 ammo.

I have one mag with a finger rest for each gun and two without the rest for the P3AT and one without the rest for the LCP.

First up was the P3AT. I hung four targets and shot from 21 feet at the upper targets using the finger rest mag and the lower targets using the mags with no finger rest.

For an aging dude suffering from presbyopia, neither gun has useful sights so I did my best guess as to when the sights were lined up.

The P3AT grouped very nicely when using the mag with the finger rest. Most shots stayed in the 3" black and most of the holes below the scoring rings are flyers from the lower targets.

I put about fifty rounds through the gun without a problem.

Next up, the Ruger LCP, same distance and same target layout.

First thing that I noticed is that the LCP is far less pleasant than the P3AT to shoot. Not that the KelTec is a fun gun but Ruger is actually painful to shoot and the trigger guard wore off a bit of skin on my index finger.

With the finger rest, the Ruger does shoot smaller groups but the groups are larger than those from the Kel Tec.

Both guns offer acceptable accuracy for dealing with a miscreant who is ten or twenty feet away. I would not want to use either one to try for a head shot on someone who is holding a hostage in front of them.

Neither gun has a slide that locks back after the last round but the Ruger does have a manual slide lock. Unfortunately, activating that slide lock is a pain in the .. . . thumb.

I was hoping for more from the Ruger LCP, after all it is a Ruger. Both guns work acceptably well but the Ruger hurts my aging, arthritic hands more and now I have a raw spot on my one finger.

I had planned to sell the KelTec after I got a Ruger LCP but I'm rethinking that plan.

I normally don't like to make excuses for my photography but my camera died at the range and I had to use my tablet computer as a camera.


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wow thats interesting... never shot a p3at but ive put over 1300 rounds through my elsie pea 1st gen... and love that thing, never had a single problem whatsoever with it...

and as for as khar... never could get mine to run 100%, probably at 95% now but i would never carry it... in fact its for sale along with my PM9 on kahrtalk... doing away with that brand altogether, but wont mention the cult, thats another story

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I have two P-32's (Gen 1), a P3aT (Gen 2) and a LCP Custom. For me the P-32's are more pleasant to shoot than the 380's. My P3aT has a RTK Sweet Spot trigger, while my LCP Custom has a RTK Sweet Pea III trigger. Shooting both is pretty much the same to me, although the LCP Custom has better sights. The P3aT is my current carry weapon.
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