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Months ago, I posted about my P-3AT and the problems that I had with it. To recap, when I first got it, I did a quick polish on the feed ramp and headed to the range. It worked perfectly. I then bought some new Kel-Tec mags from Brownells and found that with the new mags it became a jamomatic. I tried putting the finger grip onto the new mags and that didn't help. I swapped springs and that didn't help. Rats.

I contacted Kel-Tec and they wanted me to ship it back to them on my dime and shipping a pistol can be expensive so I passed.

Then I managed to launch the recoil spring behind some furniture so I bought a new set of springs from Wolff. Headed to the range again.

Hey! All three mags are working right! Woo-hoo!

Then the gun quit working. The extractor spring snapped in two and the extractor hook vanished into the gravel.

A call to KelTec got me a new spring, extractor hook, and a screw. Off to the range again. Still doesn't work with the new mags. Really, really strange.

I started looking at the problem and decided to bend the spring a bit more to put more force onto the extractor.

I've now put about 100 rounds through the gun with all three mags and without a jam. I think that I spent more on ammo to test this gun than I did for the gun.
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