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    Dec 23, 2008
    I brought my new P 3AT home and broke it down and took a look around inside. The gun looked good to me, did a little cleaning and lubing and reassembled. A day or two later I took the slide off agine to look around after doing a little studying with you guys here at KTOG and something fell out of the magazine port, handle of the gun. After a little I concluded it was the ejector! Slid it back into its slot and everything is ok. Kel Tec should let folks know that the ejector will fall out of the ramp, any thoughts? What would happen if you fired the gun with out the ejector?
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    Sep 7, 2004
    Typically, these guns work pretty well without the ejector as the upcoming round knocks out the empty.  Sometimes the last round won't clear.  I have known many people to loose the ejector and not notice until sometime later.  They do tend to escape.  We think they head back home to Florida.  Next time you order something from KT, ask them to put a spare in with your stuff.  It's a good part to keep in your parts box.  FWIW, a little grease applied with help stick it in place until you remove it.  I have seen a couple of folks actually glue it in, but I don't recommend that.