Orlando Gun Show (and question)

Discussion in 'SU-22' started by BuccaneersFan, Oct 5, 2009.

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    Went to a really big gun show in Orlando, FL on Saturday and I didn't see a single SU-22! After the show I went to a HUGE gun shop in the area, they seriously had like 600 pistols displayed and 300 - 400 rifles displayed, and they had the SU-22 for $565!!!  :eek: I couldn't believe it!!  

    Anyway it was the first time I got to see the SU-22 in person and I wasn't too impressed.  Would have been much nicer if you could fold the stock by just pressing a button instead of removing a pin.  Can someone tell me if the magazine is supposed to fit completely into the butt of the stock or not?
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    Re: Orlando Gun Show

    My SU-22 cost $308.62 + 6% KY sales tax, back on August 15, 2008, when they were allocated and brand new.

    Mine does that. I used the Charlie stock I had left over from my SU-16C after I converted it to a pistol grip AR configuration, so my conversion cost was essentially free and required about three minutes.


    The SU-22CA stock has spaces to store two of the ten round .223 Kel-Tec magazines for the SU-16. The Black Dog Machining .22 LR magazines do not store in the SU-22CA stock.

    After too long away from the range, I took my little SU-22C out shooting yesterday. A friend was teaching a mini Appleseed Shoot and asked me to help. I shot his $700+ tweaked out bull barrel Ruger 10/22 and had a five shot 3.2 MOA group at 25 meters with open sights. I can do just about as well with my little SU-22C with the 4X TruGlo scope, despite the fact that the SU-22C trigger is so stiff compared to the tweaked Ruger with the sweet after market trigger that I thought the safety was engaged when I switched back to my SU-22C! My favorite SU-22C shooting is stand up with a support for the rifle, fast action plinking of reactive targets. Crosshair - squeeze - NEXT! :) Compared to his 10/22, my SU-22C is half the cost and twice the fun. It's also a lot less weight (even with the scope) and it folds in half, which I think is very cool.

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    Mine was $340 plus $20 transfer fee.
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    i like the charlie on that alot. looks pretty good.