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Hi all,

I thought I would post here about my recent shooting experience with my CMR. It appears that I had an OOB (Out of battery) or other malfunction (case failure maybe) that really damaged my CMR. There were no injuries to myself thank god.

Here is some background info on the incident:

Ammo was CCI 40gr Maxi-Mag
Shooting suppressed using AAC Element II suppressor
Rapid fire string of shots
I probably had <200 rounds through it since the last cleaning
The case split at the base near the rim

When the malfunction occurred it blew out the magazine and part of the pistol grip as seen in the picture.

I contacted Kel Tec using their support page online and sent them details of the incident. Kel Tec was great and sent me a return shipping label. I sent the CMR in and got it back in about 3 weeks or so fully repaired with the following work done:

Polished feed ramp
Replaced internal parts
Chamber serviced
Test fired

They recommended that I use Brownell's silicon based gun oil for both cleaning and storage of the firearm.

All in all I am very happy with the way that Kel Tec handled the situation and I am a very happy customer owning several Kel Tec products. In the future, I will probably do a couple of things differently now with the CMR.

Clean it thoroughly between shooting sessions using silicon based gun oil
Slow down the rate of fire

Anyways. Thought i would just give you all a heads up. If you have any questions or thoughts let me know.



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