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Picked up my 5th p3at I've owned today. They are like candy...

175$ for a p3at, and I couldn't say no. I looked it over, and it was like no other i'd seen. My first one was back in 2005. the box on this one dated back to 2003, and the serial number is 00xxx (less than 400). I'm guessing that this is one of the first. I appeares to be well taken care of. a little fluff and buff , but no butchery. it has a rubber trigger bumper so that there is no travel after the trigger breaks. the sights are different from any I've owned, and it has two screw holes in the top. I'm guessing this is a first generation p3at.

Is there anything I need to be aware of? I have yet to shoot it, but have disassembled it, and it was immaculately clean. Anything from the old timers here that I should know?
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