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I ran across a gun today I had never seen before.(along with a gazillon others)

A Browning Buckmark with a 10" bull barrel , with a 4X32 Weaver RIFLE scope, mounted on a full length weaver rail.

It also had a walnut forearm to match the walnut contoured right hand only grips, man that thing was georgous, I couldnt quit drooling over it.

The owner says its a tackdriver out to 100 yds, that he has taken coyote with head shots at 100+ yards. He says Browning only made a few.He only shoots high dollar match grade ammo thru it.

The eye relief on the scope was about 3.5 to 4 inches. Great glass on scope , and not bad to lock the elbows in ribcage and seems very steady in that position. Had plenty clearance for slide to clear, between it and your face.

I sure wish I could shoot it.

Anybody ever seen one of these?


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Haven't seen one, but the Blue Book says the Silhouette has a 9-7/8" bull barrel and was made from 1987 - 1999.

In really good condition it is only valued around $300.

For another $60, they made one with a 14 inch barrel.

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