Now I have to decide..P3-AT or P32?

Discussion in 'P-3AT' started by kb61751, Sep 4, 2007.

  1. kb61751

    kb61751 New Member

    Aug 20, 2007
    Hello, I am new to this forum. I have just recently purchased a P32 in black/Chrome and a P3-at in Black/park. I have fired about 60 rounds thru both pistols, with no problem at all, all are stock out of the box, except for cleaning. I now have to make my mind up as to which to carry, any advice out there? Of course I am going to continue to practice with both of them, as often as I can. Thanks..
  2. JFB

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    Jul 25, 2005
    tough call.

    I chose the P3AT and let the P32 stay home.  No particulair reason

  3. Badman400

    Badman400 Well-Known Member

    If both are reliable, why not go with the larger bullet? That was my rationale for upgrading to the P3AT. It's a little more snappy than the P-32, but who's gonna notice in a "social" situtation? Shot placement is most important, but you will probably be up close and personal when the time comes to use either of these pocket pistols.

    Although there is some slight difference in weight, the P3AT pockets as comfortably as the P-32 IMO. So, I opt for the bigger bullet, and use a +1 magazine.  :cool:
  4. jackde3

    jackde3 New Member

    Aug 29, 2007
    If you want to hit anything take the 32.
    Just got back from the shooting range and tried my new P3-AT.

    I think if a bad guy was after me I would have to hope there was a guy standing next to him
    so I could aim at his buddy's right shoulder and then maybe I would hit the bad guy
    in the stomach.

    [smiley=thumbdown.gif] [smiley=cry.gif]

  5. If the only variable is the .32 cal - vs - .380, to me it is a no brainer.  The 380 wins.

    But, I would not suggest to any one that they carry a lightweight auto loader for self defense with only "about 6o rounds" of experience with that particular gun.

    I try to run 40-50 rounds PER MONTH with the 3AT that I carry, and I did not carry it until it had several hundred rounds down range.

    I need to know two things about a gun before I trust my life on it.
    1)     Will it go bang when I pull the trigger?
    2)     If murphy's law kicks in at the worst possible time, will I be able to clear it?

    If, in the very very small chance that I may NEED a gun, my body will be dumping adrenaline.   That is not the time I want to realize I have not played with the gun enough.
  6. kb61751

    kb61751 New Member

    Aug 20, 2007
    Quote "But, I would not suggest to any one that they carry a lightweight auto loader for self defense with only "about 6o rounds" of experience with that particular gun."

    Yes I fully understand that, Thats what I have fired thru the Kel-Tec's, but have fired thousands of rounds thru other pistols.
  7. flonder22

    flonder22 New Member

    Feb 11, 2007
    Hey kb, put one in right pocket, the other in left pocket, Problem solved. ;)
  8. jocko

    jocko Guest

    carry the 380, more firepower, much more selection of ammo, corbon dpx super round for the 380 kt. developed with only kt 380 as test guns. same size, ammo is lower priced to shoot and easier to find in most places, 32 better than nothing but 380 better than 32. Both today are reliable in the kt frames. Just shoot it like u stole it..
  9. jackde3

    jackde3 New Member

    Aug 29, 2007
    KB, I fired thousands of rounds too... however p3-at of mine is going to need lots of practice.
    I took my Bersa 380 to the range with the P380 and groups of 3 inches with the Bersa but I missed
    the whole target with the Kel-Tek at the same distance.
    That double action trigger is going to take a lot of work on my part to get it where I want to be.
    Seems I have to aim very high and to the right to hit anywhere close to bullseye.

    But, I guess I will keep trying before I carry it - so I don't hit any good guys if something goes down
    someday. :eek: :-/ :eek:
  10. Spikejerk

    Spikejerk New Member

    Put another 100 rounds through them to make sure there are not bugs first. Then carry the P3 for the ballistic reasons mentioned before.

    Also, almost all self defense situations happen too fast to get a sight picture, so don't worry about whichever is more accurate at the range. You're probably only taking shots at 15' max. If you're significantly more accurate point shooting one over the other, than choose that one.
  11. burley

    burley Well-Known Member

    Nov 26, 2006
    +1 A BUG is faster than trying to reload. Carry both.
  12. fatman

    fatman New Member

    Apr 6, 2005
    Another +1. I believe if you really need to carry a gun, you need to carry 2. There are many reasons for this but as burley said a back up gun is much faster than trying to reload these little guns and, I might add,much more certain.

    flounder22 also had a good suggestion that you carry the two guns in opposite side pockets. You may have your strong side hand injured early in an attack or you may have to use it to fend off the attack or hold something other than your gun. The second gun for the weak hand would then be a lifesaver.

    With such small light guns it is almost as easy to carry two as one.