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P3AT everyday

I can't say that I,ve shared in these problems. Mine's old, so Ruger wasn't an option. It's on my side every day...92 degrees with 85% humidity = few options. The 1911 is in the car and the P3AT's job is to get me back to it.

I use Remington UMC's because that's what they have around here. They just seem to work.

I added the Hogue sleeve before I left the store.

A few trips to the range and fingertip extentions were added. It was getting close, but still not really solid.

Sometime later sitting on the couch, thinking about the double sided electrcal tape I use on my hammers and shovels, a lightbulb went off. I wrapped the handle until it fit me like a glove.

My P3AT doesn't jump around and I don't have a problem limp wristing.

I live only 50 miles south of Cocoa and my pistol has never made a visit.
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