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Not Going According to Plan

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After over 2 months with KT, my Gen I P32 finally came back from service this week. I'd had to send it in because, after 17 trusty years, it'd suddenly developed a habit of FTE every couple of rounds.

My pistol came back without explanation or write-up. I took it to the range today with a variety of .32 ammo (Fiocchi FMJ, Fiocchi Extrema, and Underwood EP). It didn't take me long to realize something wasn't right. After several FTF, I looked down the length of the pistol and saw the disassembly pin sticking about 1/4 way out. Assuming that they just didn't put it together correctly at KT, I reassembled the pistol and started up again. FTF virtually every other round, and then the pin walked out again. Rinse and repeat.

I tried to be patient and let the pistol work its way back into shape, but after 50 rounds or so I gave up.

I've already put a call in to KT, and am awaiting an email with return instructions and a pre-paid packing slip.

I have to say, this does not give me warm and fuzzy feeling.
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It would not give me a warm and fuzzy feeling either! They need to get on top of this and get it fixed now!
You'd think an explanation would have accompanied the repaired P-32.
Definitely understand why you feel the way you do.
Bosco, Here's a link to another that discusses Assembly pin backing out:

Good luck. Mine's working fine.
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