No freedom of civil speech here-topic locked out

Discussion in 'P-3AT' started by Second_Life, Apr 14, 2011.

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    Jun 22, 2008
    My recent thread about the FTE problems I and many others are having is now locked out by someone, I believe TxCajun.

    I started that thread to notify, and hopefully those of us having this more and more recurring problem, to have a collective voice and maybe assist KT to resolve it. Again, I want my P3AT, I like KT but there is an issue that people are starting to have.

    Unfortunately, when you read the post from the senior members and administrators, you can see how they are bulling, insulting and rude to the point of locking the thread for no good reason.  The replies they are posting show that they don't read the complete thread and presume alot.

    I ask JFB - you posted a warning statement about proper language.  I've been civil but the postings, ganging up and bulling by senior members and even an administrator is why I lost respect back in 08 and again now.  Statements by an administrator like "now go crawl back into your hole," using language like Bull**** and miss-statements is why I've lost respect.  This forum is for owners, as I am one.  These senior members keep talking about older models and refuse to recognize or consider that quality can change with problems showing up after time.

    Does this forum believe in free speech or not?  Unlock the thread.
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    Nov 2, 2005
    Re: No freedom of civil speech here-topic locked o

    This forum is privately owned and operated.  Yes it is made up of owners, but it is also a priviledge to be a member here.  It is not a God given right to be taken advantage of.  So don't feed us this 1st Amendment crap.  We allowed you to make your point, and then we asked you to cite where you were getting your information.  All you have done is keep rehashing the same argument with different words.  Count yourself as fortunate that the thread was not deleted in its entirety.  We will likely leave it open as an example of how NOT to make your point in here.  

    While I don't believe this thread, much less your membership will last out the day since forum policy is pretty clear about re-opening a locked topic, I invite you again to CITE YOUR SOURCE of the "many" owners who are having problems with their 2nd Gen P3ATs.  I cannot count myself among them as my 2nd Gen has been running fine for going on 6 years now.  And don't just say it's Kel-tec.  They would have come in here and said something if it was the epidemic problem you seem to think it is.  They have done so when the problems cropped up on the new PF9's, and the RFB when it was first released.  We are here to help people fix problems they run into with their little guns.  We are not here to be a soapbox for those who are unhappy with them.  There is a customer service dept at Kel-tec for that.

  3. Second_Life

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    Jun 22, 2008
    Re: No freedom of civil speech here-topic locked o

    Come on 3wbdriver,

    Why are you bulling and threatening me about this thread now. What have I done to lose my "priviledge" of membership?

    You ask: "We allowed you to make your point, and then we asked you to cite where you were getting your information." How about here on this forum from other owners who post things like, "I purchased a new p-3AT last August and had failure to eject issues from the first mag. KT sent me a new extractor and it continued to fail to extract, then they sent me a ups tag and had it for about 6 weeks and still not luck so it went back again and again no luck. I then asked for a refund or a new gun and they offered a refund and I took them up on it. Several other folks tried it and it would not work for them either. I still think KT is a great company and as evidenced by my experiance they do the right thing for their customers."

    As I stated before, you and others don't read the threads completely and hear the intent.

    I support KT, like my P3AT but need a reliable personal defense pistol. This is a real issue. KT did replace my older pistol with a brand new one which is still having FTE issue even after doing what this forum suggests.

    Is this forum for all owners or just your opinionated friends. Even you guys are stating statistics that have no bases.