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    32A50A6B-2095-48B9-BFFD-9049C5589A1A.jpeg I recently found out the my front sight post was a little bent to the left. I had read 2 other posts on this. And was preparing to call them to get a shipping label to mail it to them to be repaired. Something I did not want to do with all the craziness going on. Technical support listened to me for a minute, then asked for my name and address. I was assuming it was to put me in an owner database in prep for warrantee service. I asked if he needed a copy of my form from the gun store, or copy of the receipt. He said no, and that he was immediately mailing out a new front sight post assembly free of charge, no questions asked. I should have asked him for the installation tool while I was at it. But anyway with no proof of ownership, damage, or return of gun or bad sight. And immediate response. Thank you Kel Tec, you get a gold star today.

    Today, July 9, 2020, I received all my parts I ordered from Kel-Tec. Due to the 3 day weekend holiday, They did not get shipped till Monday the 6th. Not bad with shipping. Also instead of just the front sight post, they sent me the ENTIRE front sight assembly. Also got a few other things. A spare firing pin, rear peep sight, rear sling mount and single point sling (only wanted the metal parts), All in all, and excellent experience.
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