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Nice folks at MILITEC.

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Have not been able to find MILITEC-1 around here so far but wanted to get some. Went to their Web site and for the heck of it i asked nicely for perhaps a small sample before placing an order. Well, today 3 days later i received a small bottle of their lubricant and a small tube of their grease. I was pushed for time so i quickly cleaned my p-3 of what was on there, Rem Oil and some wheel bearing grease and put the Militec-1 lube. on and used the grease where grease is called for. Because I was pushed for time, i did not heat or try to bake on. Went to the range and shot 50 Rem. FMJ rounds. Had 3 F to eject but think i limped it. My P-3 has always worked fine with the Rem Oil or CPL but so many here like the Militec, I wanted to give it a try. I`m fixin to clean it again tonight and put more Militec stuff back on it. I need to ask you guys this, I don`t have any solvent to clean with, so will the CPL be ok to clean with before i militec ? And should I try to get all CPL off before i put on Militec. Also, Someone posted their recipe not long ago as to how they applied Militec to their gun but i can`t find it now, can one of you fine fellows shed some light on that ? And will a hair dryer work ok and if so, how long should i apply heat ? Sorry of the long a-- post. :-[ Thanks for any help here.
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I use the oven also - steel parts only of course.  I lubed up all the parts and stick'em in. The lowest setting is 170 degrees on my oven. I leave it in there about 10-12 minutes or until golden brown  :D
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