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Discussion in 'P-3AT' started by kowenjr, Sep 3, 2007.

  1. kowenjr

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    Sep 3, 2007
    First of all hello to everybody. I'm a new member although I've been lurking for awhile trying to do some research on the P3AT. I went ahead and purchased a P3AT the other day without having the confidence I normally have because of all the mixed reviews I've read. This gun has what I was looking for as far as size, weight and concealibility. I love my G27 but I have found I have been leaving it in my truck a lot because weight and concealing issues. It's that one time you run into the convenience store that the BG ends up between you and your gun, that I decided I wanted something that was an "always" carry gun. I held it in my hand the other day at the gun shop and held my G27 in the other and knew it was going home with me. I took it to the range the next day and put about 100 rounds through it. I was impressed by the recoil. I believe the term I read in all the reviews was "snappy". It was snappy alright. It did make me feel a little better in the drop in caliber from my G27 since I had never shot a .380 before. I realize these guns are not in the same class but I figure as the expression goes better a .22 in the pocket than a .45 in the safe. After shooting it I do have some questions. First of all I did a fluff and buff before I shot it for the first time but I still had FTF with JHP with only the first couple of rounds in the magazine each time I shot. The remaining four fed fine. I shot a full magazine of FMJs with no problems. Seems like the edge of the bullet was sharp and was getting hung up feeding. The fluff and buff has made the feed ramp into the chamber very smooth. Could this be a magazine spring issue? My next question has to do with the trigger. My finger was worn out after shooting. Does the optional trigger attachment help with this? Not that I plan on this being a range gun but I do want to shoot it enough to be proficient. Last question,  Will the trigger pull get better down the road? I have read there is different hammer springs for the p11 are there different ones for the P3AT? Thanks guys, look forward to pestering you with future questions!
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    Feb 11, 2007
    Welcome to the forum of Kel-Tec !!! Stay tuned, some of the old hands with more smarts then me will be along soon. I can tell you this, the more you shoot the better it gets. :cool: Rough edges can be sanded around trigger and trigger guard and you will learn to deal with the trigger pull. IMHO, get some kind of rubber grip to slide on and a fingertip extension on the bottom of you mag.

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    Sep 7, 2004
    The trigger should improve a bit but mostly you will get used to it after more rounds. No there are not other hammer springs for the gun. The Kel-tec trigger shoe is not made for the P3AT. It could be modified but most find the trigger just fine after some time with it. Get about 200 rounds through it, mostly FMJ. Then try some JHP. Polish the feedramp more if necessary. Clean, lube, shoot, repeat.
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    May 14, 2005
      Hi kowenjr. Welcome to KTOG! I have two solutions for your trigger problem.

    1. LHS spring. I have been testing now for several months a custom Light Hammer Spring for the P3AT. It lowers the P3AT trigger pull down to the 3 pound range. As with the P-11, this LHS can only be used concurrently with the IFP mod and a custom light firing pin spring. I really didn't think anyone else but ME would be interested in this, so I have not offered them for sale. I have a few in stock though, so if you are interested, please PM me for details.

    Installation is very similar to the P-11 directions posted HERE:;start=0#0

    2. Wide Steel Triggers. These won't be available until next month, but I AM taking prepaid orders now.
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    Sep 3, 2007
    Thanks for the welcome and the info. I'll try run some more rounds through the gun and see what happens, then I'll look into a possible spring change. Thanks again.