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Newb here

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New to the forum, got my p3at a few months ago and got a few accesories and mods done.

Just got the belt clip and grip extender on the other day, modded my trigger after my first 50 rounds and I thought my finger was bleeding :'(... Shaved about 1/16 off the bottom, smoothed the trigger guard, put heatshrink over the trigger, and installed a small rubber stopper to keep trigger from pinching my finger anymore. Got about 300 rounds through it, and no more finger pain :cool:

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welcome to KTOG
Welcome to aboard!

Reading the about the mods you've already done to your P3AT one would have guessed you've been a member here for years. :)

Bill K.
Nope, just joined last week. I found this forum searching for info on the painfull trigger, this is where I got all the info on what to do to fix it. Plus im kinda a forum nerd, this is I think the 6th forum I belong to(truck, motorcycle, other motorcycle, local 4x4, quad, and now this one...) My wife hates forums ;D
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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