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JeffKTec said:
...Anyway out of the 300 rounds i have shot out of it it has never jammed on the feed and only once hit a round soft enough to not fire it. but it has failed to eject prolly  35 times. Sometimes being so bad that the empty shell was still fully in the barrel. Had to hold slide back and pull it out with my pinky nail...
Welcome to the group.  It's an amazing little pistol, isn't it?

Checking the extractor screw, as has already been suggested, sounds like a good idea.  I know I've been told often enough that I have a screw loose that that's one of the first things I'd check. :)

Another possibility, perhaps in conjunction with an extractor problem, might be a rough chamber.  When the round is fired the shell case will expand solidly against the chamber wall, from both the pressure of the powder burning and the heat.  If the chamber isn't real smooth the case may be too tight to be extracted by a normal tug by the extractor.  A few seconds later the case will have shrunk back down to its original diameter and then it can be easily flicked out with a fingernail. If that's the problem, then a bit of chamber polishing will probably help.  

If you do polish the chamber, be careful to not smooth down the ridge in the chamber that the loaded round headspaces on.  You could insert a fired case into the chamber to measure how deep you can polish before hitting that ridge.  Keep in mind, polishing the chamber doesn't mean enlarging its diameter.  You only want to smooth any roughness that might be there.

Good luck.

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