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First time out with my SUB2K gen II, overall a great experience with only one FTE with Winchester Train & Defend 147 gr flatnose. Zero failures with Perfecta 115 gr. or Geco 124 gr. and good accuracy out to 25 yards.

I'm still amazed at how compact this thing is when folded. I carried it in a pistol case just barely big enough for two full size pistols, very discreet.

The 9mm recoil was surprisingly tame compared to my Beretta Storm carbine & Rock River Arms AR in 9mm. The RRA AR has a beefy 8.5oz buffer and weights twice what the KT does so they seemed to have the buffer weight & spring rate spot on.

Only mods so far is adding a KNS crosshair sight and a folding vertical grip I rummaged out of my parts bin. Thought I was gonna add a recoil pad as that's usually what I've done to most of my other rifles but after shooting it, it doesn't need one.

I will say the trigger either needs some work or needs to be broken in, during the pre-travel I'd hit a 'catch' when going slowly, it was consistent and happened at the same place every time. Maybe a small burr on the sear. I need to read up on that, I know a little light filing gave my Storm a much better pull, hopefully the KT is as easy. It's certainly a far cry from the 3.5lb pull of my PMR-30.

Picked it up from my local Palmetto State Armory, been looking for a Beretta 92 version for a long time and when they had two on the shelf I had to get one. Mine is the black furniture/black barrel for $450, they also had the black & stainless for $530, both 92 versions.
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