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First time shooting I had lots of failures to feed ,eject and fire. Also had many rounds stuck in chamber wich were VERY difficut to remove.

Ammo used was Federal American Eagle and Blazzer(the type with the wax) & Blackdog 10round mag.I used these ammo brands because they seemed, from other posts, to be the most reliable.
I tried the Federal A\E . First 3 bent  ,4th fired after pushing bolt forward,5th didn't fire until cycled bolt again.... After struggling with initial magazine I loaded the Blazzers and had same results. Went thru about 150 difficult rounds. At the end of the day I had 20 or more rounds that were bent or unfired.  

S/N V0Exx made in Oct 2009.  

I asked for KT's help they replied and told me to send gun back to factory for repair.
Is there anything I can do or try before I send it?

Before I bought gun I spent a bunch of time on KTOG researching. I saw from other users that gun needs to be fired few hundred rounds before it functions more consistently.

This is my first post................
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