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I went about 100 miles north over the weekend to meet with a group of folks I know; only one other woman showed (we tend to balk at rain and it was threatening) but there were 10 guys, including my son. I had fun trying to shoot skeet with a 20 ga. with 18.5 inch barrel, and also enjoyed firing a 9mm Beretta, a .357, and .44 magnum. There were some things there I have only seen at gun shows, such as an SKS and an M16. A .30 carbine was also popular. A gentleman unbeknownst to the rest of us showed up and set himself up next to us all with a Styr smg, some kind of bullpup, too, and also an MP5, I think it was. What a racket!!

My P3AT attracted a lot of attention but our rangemaster pronounced it a "Saturday Night Special" and a "belly gun." Well, it does often shoot the belly of the paper bad guys, hence the nickname Gutshot Gertie, but I want all to know I bought her in broad daylight.

We ran a box through Gertie with 2 different magazines and FIVE different pairs of hands and NOT ONE FAILURE (not even with me), so phblllllt!! to the rangemaster (but he was otherwise very nice ... and attractive, too ... so I almost forgave him).
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