New Range and Travel Report

Discussion in 'P-3AT' started by boatnsc, Jun 2, 2008.

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    Sep 22, 2007
    Went to Ohio by air with 3 KTs in a plastic case ,locked , but no ammo. Counter girl  didnt blink ,l just asked for a fire arms ticket ,she trotted off with my suitcase ,came back 10 mins and said sign this red ticket..thats it...Visited my son and went shooting every day at his friends 10 acres...what a pleasure shooting steel spinners ,pots silouttes etc up close 7yds and every place in between . he reloads 380s but was not happy with my brass spraying all over. he shoots a Bersa , his latest buy. (Now l have to go back to the local range and comply.). 200 rds each DR in P11,P3at and PF9 were fired with one fte on a 380 case he reloaded out of about 200 rds. the rest was WWB new brass ..Well my sights were not off cuz when he shot all 3 guns ,they were on the money course XARMY Pistol TEAM son has no excuses.....he feels reloading 380 is really not worth it ,l think he did it just for me to save some dough.Uses a Phoenix Arms 22. for plinking suggested l buy one to practice trigger control
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    Cool. Family Friends and Firearms. Gotta love it.