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;D Hallo Newbie to the forum.
Just got my P3AT HC a few days ago. After reading this forum for about a month I decidet on the HC model. Prior to firing I did the Feeding Ramp polish with a dremel tool and some Jewlers Rouge as well as the hammer contact area on the slide.Also cleaned and lubed the slide. Tested the feeding by manualy operating the slide and found that the 380 FMJ feed flawlessly. Fired only two mags full at this time and had NO malfunctions of any type. I will go to the range and put about a 100 rounds thru the little jewel. I dont expect any problems and are extremely happy thus far. The forum is very helpful in avoiding possible problems and offers solutions if anything should go wrong. Happy to be here. ;)  [smiley=vrolijk_26.gif]

i have just fired the last 100 rounds of break-in ammo yesterday morning in my new 3at.

after ive cleaned it and inspected it one more time....i will declare it a winner....

i started my own thread about 2 weeks ago, and thus far i have 250 trouble free rounds of FMJ through it. i will load and carry it only with FMJ as i prefer maximum penetration with sub-caliber guns, besides, thats what has worked 100% in it so im not changing what works. WWB 95gr. Flat nose FMJ.

i put the finger rest mag base on mine and the smooth rubber grip sleeve., will reside in an Uncle Mikes pocket holster, el cheapo nylon style but works and cost very little.

good luck on your continued breaking-in of the gun.....

P.S. i did not fluff and buff my gun prior to testing, this is not needed if the gun was made right which is a toss up with the k.t. line at times.....

all i did was disassemble, inspect, and lube it. any "jams" during the first 200 rounds are normal break-in issues and should be few if any. i had none. this gun was definately not made on a monday or friday.
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