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goprepared78 said:
... I initially put money down on a taurus, but I have reservations about the quality of the product compared to other similarly priced 9mm pistols in the price range. ...
off topic: IMO Taurus has outstanding quality. Can't go wrong with a 24/7 Pro in any config., they go *bang* every time. The 709 Slim is a great little 9mm and the 738 TCP is nicer and of better quality than half the little .380s out there. Also, IMO their revolvers are just as good as, or sometimes better than, S&W revolvers. Don't be afraid of Taurus. I have no affiliation with Taurus, I just really like their product.

/off topic

Back to the P-3AT. Great price, you are one lucky person. If I could find a second P-3AT for that kind of money, I would snatch it up in a heart beat. Those picture are nice, especially the first one and the ones after you cleaned it. Don't worry about the bent spring. Mine was like that after the second 50 rounds I put through it. I haven't replaced mine yet and the P-3AT still works like a charm. Disclaimer: YMMV Enjoy that gun!

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