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    Apr 4, 2010
    Greetings all,

    Long time lurker of this great place but now I can finally become an owner and member here. How I got here is a weird series of events. I am a first time firearm owner, after doing much much reading, debating, questioning, research and self searching I decided to make a firearm purchase. The small mouse guns interested me the most at first. But after countless readings of their unpleasantness to shoot, the high prices and rarity of 380 ammo, I started to think perhaps I should start with something I can shoot more often and enjoy to shoot before taking the plunge down this road. Months more of research and reading happens before I arrive at one of my local gun shops. I put money down on a firearm where the ammo is cheap and readily available, something I can spend more time with at the range without the webbing of my hand crying for mercy.

    I go back to the gun shop a few weeks later to browse the guns, see if they have anything else I like in my price range. I initially put money down on a taurus, but I have reservations about the quality of the product compared to other similarly priced 9mm pistols in the price range. As I'm there a young lad walks in and puts a keltec case on the counter, asks the manager what he will give him for it. I let them do their talking but listen in close enough. I can see its a second gen p3at from the reading I've done here. The man offers him $140 and he accepts. I've became fairly friendly with the gun shop guys so after the kid leaves I make my move. The gun is dirty, but looks in well enough condition. One magazine, case, desantis nemisis pocket holder, 180 dollars and the p3at was mine. Not only that, but they had a few boxes of 380 WWB ?! I've been buying ammo when I find it for the calibers I have been interested in for about a month now or so. I took 3 boxes and a box of speer gold dots. I had a box of aguila 380 jhp ... but eh, they get so so reviews.

    So here I am, now the proud owner of a p3at. This doesn't change my plans much, I do plan on hitting the range with it before I pick up the 9mm this weekend to check functionality. But most of my range shooting and learning will take place with the 9mm. Jeff Cooper's safety rules are read and reread and reread. I will be taking a few classes as well. This forum also helped me make my purchase. I have read mixed reviews about the p3at. I always liked it for its simplicity. And I loved the community that stood behind it. When I got home, I took her apart and was able to perform a good cleaning and a fluff and buff thanks to the great people here. Here she be!

    The must have... "poser shot"








    Hmm is the bent spring normal? I didn't understand how it could bend until I had to reassemble the gun! Should this be replaced? I did straighten it back out.

    And after...





    Big thanks to Goldenloki, couldn't of done this work without his great guide.

    Talk to all of you soon!
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    Jan 14, 2010
    First of all, welcome to KTOG. You got a great deal dude. You'll love the peice.

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    Aug 8, 2008
    Great, Great, Post :)

    Welcome to KTOG and be sure to let us know about your range outing....
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    Apr 17, 2009
    welcome aboard....hell of a deal on a great little gun..ENJOY..and just in case you find another at that price YELL I`LL BE RIGHT THERE... ;) ;) ;)
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    Feb 2, 2009
    off topic: IMO Taurus has outstanding quality. Can't go wrong with a 24/7 Pro in any config., they go *bang* every time. The 709 Slim is a great little 9mm and the 738 TCP is nicer and of better quality than half the little .380s out there. Also, IMO their revolvers are just as good as, or sometimes better than, S&W revolvers. Don't be afraid of Taurus. I have no affiliation with Taurus, I just really like their product.

    /off topic

    Back to the P-3AT. Great price, you are one lucky person. If I could find a second P-3AT for that kind of money, I would snatch it up in a heart beat. Those picture are nice, especially the first one and the ones after you cleaned it. Don't worry about the bent spring. Mine was like that after the second 50 rounds I put through it. I haven't replaced mine yet and the P-3AT still works like a charm. Disclaimer: YMMV Enjoy that gun!

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    Nov 1, 2004
    Excellent price!
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    Jul 27, 2009
    Hey now your next move is to go to KelTec website and order up all the small parts. Mag release, springs'll only set ya back about $15 and you'll have some spares on hand.

    Sweet deal on that one ! Keep it pointed downrange! ;)
  8. angel71rs

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    Oct 21, 2009
    Score! That is a great deal.  

    If you haven't purchased the 9mm yet, consider the S&W Sigma SW9VE. I recently purchased one and have been very happy with it. Often referred to as a Glock copy (Glock sued S&W when they 1st came out), but I think they have a better grip angle + less blocky grip than the Glocks. Easy shooters and accurate.

    People complain about the DAO trigger, but I shot mine just fine when the trigger was stock. I compare it to an ok DA revolver. And improving the trigger is easy, result is a lighter, smoother trigger for zero dollars. I have hundreds of rounds of US made ammo thru mine, FMJ and JHP, since I did the trigger mods with no problems.

    Speaking of dollars, Academy regularly sells the Sigmas for $320; 300 when they put them on sale. S&W currently has a rebate on them, $50 or 2 extra mags. Read up here on the Sigmas if you are interested in learning more:  
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    Sep 7, 2004
    Great first post! Nice job on the F & B and good pics too. You got a good deal. Welcome to the forum. :cool:
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    Apr 4, 2010
    Thanks for the warm welcome everyone!

    Regarding the taurus... I'm glad with all due respect to their company that I held off. At the price point they had the pt series gun for which was 379...

    Buds just had a FN-Herstal fnp9 for 389, thats a redonkulous price...

    Can find Stoeger cougars for 399 ish, turkish rotating barrel berretta goodness for 400 bucks?!

    The Sigma is a nice piece, if it had a manual safety (yea yea hush) I'd be all over it. Besides the trigger pull its very glock internal and external from my research.

    I should of Jumped on the fnh, that was a killer deal. Fnp9, 3 clips, case etc 389 ... dangit