New P3AT: Good News, Bad News, Reserving Judgment

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    Sep 4, 2007
    Hi all,

    I am the owner of a new HC P3AT (JHRxx, made 09-17-07) and thought I would share my initial results from the range.  After purchase, I performed a very brief inspection, cleaning & lube.  No F&B or other work.

    At the range I fired:
    Seven magazines worth of Remington (Grn & Wht Box) 95gr FMJ
    Two magazines worth of PMC 90gr FMJ and
    Five mags of Fiocchi 90gr JHP
    (Which is what was available to buy in my area.  The limited number of rounds is due to the limitations of a lunch hour and the desire to also put 100rnds through my beloved 4513TSW).

    Generally, I was well-satisfied with the accuracy, size and comfort of the pistol.

    Bad News:  Of the nine magazines worth of FMJ, all but one consistently failed to feed on round number 6.  That is, starting with one in the pipe and a full mag, I had five successful shots followed by the second to last round having a FTF.  The only time the FMJ did not do this was during a rapid fire, one-handed string of shots.  A follow-up rapid fire, one-handed string returned to the FTF pattern I was experiencing.

    Good News:  Each round of the JHP fed and fired perfectly.

    Conclusion:  I love the gun, but am a bit jealous that I don’t get to be one of the people who say “My P3AT performed flawlessly right out of the box.”  Still, it is way too early to complain much.  I’m only half-way through the break-in period.  More than that, my admittedly limited sample size suggests Fiocchi JHP’s cycle just fine.

    Other random thoughts:
    After handling 100 rounds of 380, switching to 45 ACP feels like you are trying to load bratwursts into the mag.
    Similarly, trying to hold the grip of a “normal” sized gun after the P3AT, feels like grabbing an elephant by the ankle.
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    Sep 7, 2004
    Re: New P3AT: Good News, Bad News, Reserving Judgm

    Good report Mac:  Some thoughts/possibilities.  
    It could be:
    1.  A quirky, break-in issue that will go away.  
    Clean, lube, shoot.
    2.  Limpwristing... yea, I know, but the gun is lightest at the end of the mag and most susceptable to LW.  Firm grip and do not let it break your wrist.  Try a mag extension for a better grip.
    3.  A screwy mag with some flashing or burr inside that is hanging up the spring at that point.  Check the Fluff & Buff links, inspect and polish the mag innerds.
    4.  A weak or even broken mag spring (doubtful) but a 2nd mag would rule this out.

    If you disassemble the mag, make sure to get the spring back in the right way.  ;)

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    Sep 4, 2007
    Re: New P3AT: Good News, Bad News, Reserving Judgm

    Thanks for the feedback & ideas.  For simplicity's sake, I'm hopin for #1.  
    First time on a new gun, I normally would have chalked it up to #2, although for the moment, the consistency of the problem makes me suspicious that there is something else going on.
    I'll be sure to check on #3.  I had already checked the mag for debris, but didn't do a real close inspection.  It's definately worth another look.
    I also plan to add an extra mag or two to the mix, but that may not happen until post-Christmas.

    Thanks again, and for the F&B links, too.  I had viewed those a long while back when I owned my P-11, but never used them since it shot without a hitch.  This time I bookmarked them for quick reference.

    Happy shooting and a Merry Christmas!

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    Re: New P3AT: Good News, Bad News, Reserving Judgm


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