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    First off, please be gentle :) I'm completely new to the world of firearms. I had never fired a gun before this past summer, and once I did I liked it so much that my wife and I now own four firearms and we each have just got our Concealed Handgun Permits. My wife has two S&W revolvers (one for home, one for carry) and I have a S&W M&P9 and a brand new KelTec P3AT.

    I actually got the last P3AT my local gun store had in stock...I had been wanting a black grip and hard-chrome slide, but I settled for a grey grip and blued slide since if I didn't take that I probably wouldn't have gotten anything ;-). Supply seems to be quite limited at the moment.

    I took the KT to the range for the first time on Thursday of last week, and have just begun carrying it regularly. It was completely reliable at the range without a single failure of any kind. I guess I've been lucky; my M&P hasn't had a single failure either (and it has hundreds of rounds through it now).

    Anyway, couple of to get some feedback from people who know better than I do!

    1) I have to do some more experimenting at the range, but shooting at 7yds I seemed to be hitting a good 5" or so lower than where I was aiming. I could be anticipating but it's way, way, way more pronounced and consistent with the KT than when firing my M&P. I am reasonably certain that my KT simply puts holes below my aim point. I can compensate (by aiming higher), but I'm wondering if this is common? Should I worry about it? Any idea how to mitigate the issue or improve the gun's accuracy?

    2) As I mentioned, my P3AT has a blued finish on the slide. I'm already starting to see what looks like little chips off the finish on the back near the hammer where the slide and frame interlock on each side. I'm pretty sure it happened at the range or cycling the action at home with snap caps, since none of my holsters contact there. Again, is this something I should worry about? What is the best way to care for a blued finish and avoid rust, etc.? At which point should I be concerned about the condition of the gun?

    Thanks a lot for your input! I appreciate it.
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    Welcome to KTOG. I don't know about the finish. Maybe this will help with target shooting. Seems to help a lot of people correct aiming problems.


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    Haugrdr, is it safe to assume that southpaws should flip this chart left for right? Thanks, Mike
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    Might want to consider a laser. My shot patterns were usually kill zone, but with CT laser, always in kill zone. Wife likes her CT laser too. Find someone that will let you try one. Just my 2 cts. Jim <><
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    There's a lefty one somewhere but I've had trouble finding it. A lot of ranges will have both types on hand for customers for something like $1 each
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    Thanks! I'll print a couple of these and take them with me to the range!
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    If your point of impact is 5" lower than where you think you're aiming you could just change your sight picture. It's hard to tell because only you know what your sight alignment looks like but basically just raise your front sight the tiniest bit in relation to the rear sight. Then put your front sight on the target as usual. Remember exactly what the picture looks like once it finally hits where you're aiming.
    There is very little room for error on the P3at due to the tiny sights.
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    The first time I shot one of these, I tried two handed grip and couldn't hit anything! Wife's gun btw . I have very big hands :), so I tried one hand grip, 1.5 fingers on the grip and found my shots going to center of target! Since then I pretty much just point and shoot, works for me! Next day I got one for myself ;D
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    Hi! Welcome aboard!

    I believe a laser is at the very least a great training aid wether with live fire or dry fire. Right off dry firing with a laser will likely show wether or not you are pulling your shots.

    Not clear to me what your describing concerning the finish.

    BTW, I've got both a Blued/Black and a HC/Gray P3AT. I find one negative with the HC slide - it is, for me, harder to see and align the sights on my HC P3AT than it is my Blued P3AT.

    Take care...