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Well, picked up my new SG P3-AT on Friday.
Park on Black frame, for $260 new.
2 competitors were $290 in stock and $265 not in stock but would order.

Did a very minor F&B on her,
Polished the feed ramp and the chamber,
and smoothed the underside of the slide
that contacts the hammer face, lightly touched up the slide rails and gave it a good lubing.

By the time I got that done it was getting dark so I only had a chance to run 3 mags
through her out back. 2 mags were Rem green box FMJ, 3rd was Fiocchi JHP.

Had 1 FTF on the 3rd round(*see below re:grip) 2nd mag but the rest was fine. I realize that 200 rnds is the goal for break in but that was all the time that I had tonight.
I was pleased that the gun ran with only 1 MF and especially that it worked with the mag of JHP.

I did notice that the Rem ammo was considerably hotter and had exponentially greater muzzle flash than the Fiocchi.
I will try to get a Chrono on them in the near future, to see just how much difference in velocity.

Bought a Nemesis holster for it and have been carrying it around all day,
back pocket cargo pants and barely know its there.
I quit carrying my G30 and went down to a 26 trying to lighten my load.

I recently moved up to an office environment where even an unsightly bulge would draw unwanted attention so I more or less quit carrying but more and more this has become less and less of an option.

Giving up the .45 for a 9mm was not a big deal.
The latest generation of 9mm ammo particularly Golden Saber, Gold Dots and the Hydra Shocks can and will equal, to outperform .45 hardball.

Going from 9mm down to .380 is a much larger step down for me.

The only other option is to go unarmed.
So I downsized again and will sort through the different ammo's to try to get the best performance while trying to retain manageability.
I did get a Hogue Jr. just need to put it on.

One thing that I did notice about shooting the P 3 is, with the looonnggg trigger pull is that my finger bottoms out against my thumb before the break.
I will have to work on getting a comfortable grip as my "Glock Grip" (thumbs interlocked and down) won't work.
* I even tried a thumbs forward 1911 grip and found it difficult to hang on to the gun this way and this (MAY) have contributed to the MF.
Only more firing will say for sure.

BTW, Great forum y'all have here!
I have been lurking and reading the posts for a while.
I really like seeing folks act like adults on the board.


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Delmarksman said:
I really like seeing folks act like adults on the board.
Are you sure you have been reading this board? ;D

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  Welcome to KTOG, Del! $260 is a decent price to pay for a parked P3AT, especially now, when KT will sell you any color you want as long as it is blue.

  In my tests, I have found American Eagle FMJ to be hotter than UMC. That's what I carry--staggered with DPX, in my P3AT.

  We usually recommend that you shoot only 50 to 100 rounds at a time before cleaning during break in.

  A magazine extension will help your grip. I prefer the KT +1 extension, because that let's me carry 8 rounds.

  I use a Nemesis for one of my P3ATs also. I have modified it to also carry a spare mag:

  When I need extreme stealth, I also carry my Nemesis in a little zipper notebook that I keep in my rear pocket.

I can carry that in my hand ready to draw, and no one knows. I can dance close with a woman, and she has no idea I am armed. When I leave the stealth area, the nemesis goes into my front pocket.


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2PP thanks for the ideas and the pics, I really like the second mag in the holster and Ive been looking for the Bersa extension, Probably contact Brock for one, need a second mag too while I'm at it.

I appreciate the 50-100 round cleaning reminder, will do.

I also like the pic's of the note book, good idea.
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