New P-3AT..1st Range Visit

Discussion in 'P-3AT' started by Mr._Taxidermist, May 9, 2008.

  1. I bought my new blued/black p-3at last Sat. at the Raleigh gun show from Ed's Gun Shop for $250. I took it home and cleaned it and polished the feed ramp, chamber, and slide rails. I also painted the front site white and put 2 white dots on the rear site. I finally got to the range yesterday. I put 100 magtech FMJs through it and 12 Hornady 95gr JHPs. The only problems I had were with the gun failing to extract the first round when I had it loaded to its full 7 rnd capacity. It did this 3 times. I ejected the magazine and closed the slide. I then cycled the slide and the round ejected. Is this common when carrying 7 shots? It only did it with the magtech and not the Hornady. Of course, I only shot 12 Hornadys, so I am not certain it was ammo related. Is there something I can do to improve this?

    Other than the 3 failures to extract, the gun ran flawlessly. I was impressed with how accurate this gun is. At 7 yards, I hit a 4"x5" square 13 out of 14 shots. The off target shot was about 1" low and left of the square. I don't do much better with my Glock 27 or my Ruger p95.

    Thanks for letting me share about my new gun. I should receive my concealed carry permit in a couple weeks and I will have this one in my back pocket whenever I have my pants on!
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    Sep 12, 2004
    I think it may just be a new / stiff magazine spring. My first P-3AT did that when it was new - when it was fully loaded 6+1.  I used a ruler to push down all the way on the magazine follower a couple of dozen times to loosen up the spring and it worked fine after that.  If you don't want to do that, it should loosen up on it's own with use.

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    Congrats on the P-3AT! I think once you have a few more rounds through it things will only get better!

    I was at the Raleigh show, and as always Ed's is always a pleasure to deal with! ;)
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    May 11, 2008
    I too bought a P-3A at the Raleigh show! Did a Fluff and Buff on it but haven't had a chance to shoot it yet. But I have been carrying it (I usually carry a Kahr 9mm K9, which is quite a bit larger) and its almost like it isn't there.

    I showed it to a friend of mine and now he's getting one as well.

    Neat gun!