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New P-32 owner

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I just bought a new P-32 last week and was able to go to the range yesterday. Shot 50 rounds thru it without a problem. Very impressed with the pistol's performance. Will go next week to the range, if the performance is the same as my first time, will start carrying it.
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I am also new to this forum. The P-32 is my first Kel-Tec firearm.

Congrats on your new P-32. I purchased mine in Feb. and after a shakedown of 240+ or so rounds it became my EDC. Also check out the thread by owrstrich- "I'm the new guy my P-32 is green", he got his P-32 just a bit before me and he chronicles his experiences in detail. Lots of good info here from many nice folks. Welcome aboard.
Thanks, I agree a lot of great info from knowledgeable kel-tec owners. Glad I joined this forum.
What ammunition are you using.
Inquiring minds and all that...
I bought at the LGS, the Sellier & Bellot 73 grain fmj ammo. The sales person said these were good for practice and as carry ammo. The first 50 rounds went thru the pistol without any problems.
Congrats on your new P32 and welcome aboard.

1400 rounds fiocchi 73gr for me since january... the trigger keeps getting better... packed it everyday since the 1st 400 rounds... pocket debris is not a issue... the mika front pocket holster is 100% for me... waiting for my hedley front pocket holster to break in... my p32 is a tremendous defensive weapon...

sounds like yours is good to go too...

j o
Congrats you are gonna be so glad you bought a P-32. Mine has 1200 flawless rounds thru it since unboxing. I have shot several boxes of PPU HP's just as flawlessly as FMJ, but I carry with either Fiochi FMJ of PPU FMJ because they shoot so flawlessly. Have not tried Sellier & Bellot yet, but heard good about it. I recommend the P-32 to everyone.
I agree cluznar about the perfect carry weapon. When I fired my first box and it performed perfectly, this only enforced my feelings that I made the right purchase for pocket carry. Now I need to put at least another 50 thru the gun, need at least 3 more magazines and would like to get a front pocket holster. I have a iwb holster that I bought when I purchased the P-32 but would like to front pocket carry most of the time.
Stick to shooting whatever brands of ammo your P-32 likes. Mine loves Fiochi, PPU, and PMV Bronze, those are all I tried. I stick mostly with Fiochi and PPU. When I wear a jacket or coat I carry in a pocket holster in the pocket. In summer I carry in a Remora Tuckable IWB holster. Also thinking of getting one of those shoulder holsters you can wear under a shirt. If I was you I would put another 100 rounds of ammo that it likes thru it. Besides it's fun shooting. Did I mention I now have around 1,000 flawless rounds thru mine? P-32, never leave home without it. :melikey:
I still need a pocket holster. I do have a iwb uncle mike's holster. But I would rather have this pistol in my pocket since it is so small.
I like carry options. I have a Don Hume No. 80 leather pocket holster, an Uncle Mikes pocket holster, a cheap eBay ankle holster, a Fobus paddle holster, a Bulldog fake cellphone pouch belt holster, and a trigger covering kydex MIC holster. How I carry the P32 depends on my clothing ;) Oh, and I have an elastic belly band and a T-shirt with sewn on under arm elastic holster.
If only carrying the P32, front pocket or coat pocket carry is my go-to position. As a BUG, pocket or ankle carry. The paddle belt holster is strictly for the range.
I get a lot of my holsters either used or off eBay.
I still need a pocket holster. I do have a iwb uncle mike's holster. But I would rather have this pistol in my pocket since it is so small.
Don't even change brands, just get an Uncle Mikes size 1 pocket holster.
This thread makes me miss the country so much. I'd love to step outside and plink some cans with my p32 every other day or so.
I just put another 50 rounds thru the p32. Again, no problems with the s&b fmj's. This pistol is definitely a keeper as well a conceal carry weapon.
I believe that I will get the uncle mikes size 1 for the pocket. Thanks for the advice.
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