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A few weeks ago I became the owner of a Gen 1 set up for SW59 magazines. Came with the factory quad rail and Tacticool tube cover.

I added a PA MD-06l on a Fortis F1 Absolute mount.

I took it to a local indoor range to function test and zero the iron sights. Functioned flawlessly.

Yesterday I took it to an outdoor range that has tactical bays. We got lucky and got a 100 yard bay. Shot about 200 rounds with one stove pipe and one magazine didn't want to feed the first round. Think it was the same magazine.

Was ringing a steel silhouette at 100 yards from a standing supported position. It's a wooden frame for 3 Gun and was hitting the silhouette standing offhand at 75 yards.

I noticed that the quad rail was moving a bit. When we got back we took it apart. Virtually every screw was getting loose and no loctite was used. Cleaned everything with alcohol and reassembled with a torque wrench. Should hold now.

Used an X-Acto to cut the ears off of the rear sight. Forget to see if it holds vertical under recoil, but I'm sure it will. It still somewhat snaps into place vertically.
I think what I'll do next is open up the aperture a bit with a drill.
Also meant to turn off the dot and shoot just looking through the tube and front sight. I think it would be pretty accurate and faster than the iron sights.
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