New Moderator Voting (round #1)

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    Apr 6, 2003
    These are the people who were nominated
    in the other thread as possible new moderators.
    Please pick two. Your vote is anonymous.
    If this first round of voting shows an overwhelming
    majority of members support one or two people as
    new moderators then we'll be done.
    Otherwise, I'll drop the names with the fewest votes
    from the list and have a new round of voting.
    Then the cycle will repeat if necesary.
    I don't think we want to add more than
    3 new moderators right now, so if 4 or 5 people
    end up with almost identical numbers of votes
    I'll avoid unnecesary politics by picking two names
    at random, using a method that all members can see
    is fair and unbiased.

    After the new moderator(s) are chosen,
    I'll discuss with them
    whether they prefer assigned forums, but my inclination
    at this point is to give all moderators full privileges
    in all forums. Just because they HAVE full privileges in each
    forum doesn't mean they have to USE those privileges
    to actually moderate a forum that they don't normally
    participate in.