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Hi all! I'm new to the keltec world of firearms and to the ksg. I fell in love with it years ago and just recently, with the somewhat regular pricing and wide availability, decided to fulfill my fantasy and start a new build. I picked up an all black ksg ( serial # xx1267 for those of you keeping track ) last month and have been adding to it ever since. Magpul AFG2 grip, magpul BUS, (iron sights are more than enough for me). I thought about using the troy fixed iron sights but decided on the more popular MBUS because of availability. I sort of made my own single point sling. I used the included nylon webbing and friction clasps in a little more inventive way than their original design, but it works quite well. I still have a few things I want to add. Stainless steel followers are next. Followed by compensator and extended tube selector. I really love this guns versatility and plan on using it extensively. This is going to be my new work horse. I am replacing a 15 year old mossberg 500 with this build. Slugs for deer, steel BB for turkey and 00 for HD here in the great common wealth of VA. I've got about 250 rds through her so far and only had one misfeed. (Not sure what happened, but I closed the action/slide and the new shell pinched the end of the empty case into the breech somehow. ) Only took about 20 seconds to clear it though. Not that it looks all that different from anybody else's firearm but here are some photos. Guns are kinda like naked women, once you see one you wanna see em all right? Ha! Anyway... I have a few super original ideas but I'm not gonna write any more of a book right now. First pic is self explanatory second and third show how I attached the sling. I just put the big loop over my chest and let it dangle from my right shoulder. I measured it out so it hangs just right for my hand to grasp the pistol grip.


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