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New Kel-Tec P3AT – First Range Report

1. Gun was thoroughly cleaned and lubricated prior to this range trip;
2. Two magazines – both 6 rounds each were used.
3. Ammunition – 100 rounds of Magtech – 95 Grain FMJ.
4. Ammunition – 100 rounds of PMC – 95 Grain FMJ.
5. Ammunition – 25 rounds of Remington Golden Saber – 102 Grain Hollowpoints.
6. Total rounds fired – 225.


A. Failures to Fire – none;
B. Failures to Feed – 2x – both were during the latter part of the 1st 100 rounds – I attribute both of those to limp wristing or a relaxed grip on the gun. One was even one handed when it occurred. Refocus and no further incidents of this.
C. Failures to Extract – 1 time – during the latter part of the second 100 rounds; I would say this occurred around round #175. I don’t know why this occurred. I would guess the gun was pretty dirty by this point or it was just a fluke.

After that, however, I still put another 50 rounds through including the hollowpoints at the end. No other malfunctions to report. The gun otherwise worked just fine – even one handed shooting and rapid fire.

I would say now that my gun is broken in. I would trust it no problems. It would have been nice to say there were no malfunctions of any kind whatsoever, but that is not how life works anyway. If any forum members believe that these reported malfunctions require a gunsmith, servicing, or more rounds through it, please let me know. I want to trust the collective experience of the forum before I start carrying this gun. I understand that the final decision is mine, but I just want some feedback.

Thanks to all who have welcomed me to this forum; I will keep everyone posted on futher range reports.

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Re: New Kel-Tec P3AT – First Range Report

That's pretty darn good for a new, unfired gun. Had you cleaned and relubed it about every 50 rounds during breakin, it might have been "100%". Nothing to worry about there. Good show!
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