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Hello all,

I designed a new buffer assembly and stock to fit Gen2 Sub2000's that incorporates some features I felt were missing from the original. This was designed around my Gen2 9mm Glock17 Edition Sub2000.
Pictures can be found in my first thread:

1. I desired the stock to have a larger footprint to fit into the shoulder pocket more squarely and to provide a larger surface area to dissipate recoil.

2. A convenient and simple method to store an additional magazine within the stock itself without requiring additional buttons or hardware.

3. Removal of the latching system's tab that sits atop the bolt tube to allow for more comfortable head placement and larger cheek weld area.

My redesign adds minimal weight to the Sub2000 and accomplishes the aforementioned goals while still maintaining the ability to fold securely and requires no permanent modification to your original Sub2000. I was able to test a 17 round Glock Pmag and a 31 round ETS Glock magazine within the spare carrier with strong, but reliable and predictable retention (your mileage may vary). The buffer assembly I designed is required in order for the stock to also fit.

The new buffer assembly works through friction to secure the front sight shield to the buffer assembly. The new stock is LOP (length of pull) adjustable to the same degree the original stock is. I used an Ender 3 stock 3d printer and Cura slicer software to produce these. They are made using ESUN brand PLA+.

Slicer Settings:

Layer Height: 0.2
Wall Line Count: 4
Infill Density: Buffer Assembly = 100, Stock = 30
Temp: Hot End = 230, Bed = 50
Support: Yes; Normal; Everywhere (80 Degree Overhang); Support Density = 2
Build Plate Adhesion: None

I have not been able to test the stock with more than a few magazines due to lack of ammunition, but I have attempted to subject it to as much force as I can on the butt side as well as typical shoulder height drops and bumps while attached to firearm. I also actuated the bolt as forcefully and as many times as I felt would be useful (in excess of 50) to determine wear on the buffer assembly and it showed to have nothing other than a depression in the recoil spring pocket where the rod sits. USE AT YOUR OWN RISK! There are many On Demand services for 3d printing if you do not own one and they may offer other materials that are stronger, just be aware I cannot promise that the dimensions will be maintained the same. Thank you all for your time!

Buffer Assembly
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