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Wow! This turned into a book! I sure can get diarrhea of the keyboard!

I thought there was a fairly recent thread about black guns, meaning ARs, but I can't find anything recent. Mods feel free to move this.

I recently retired my ultralight AR with Brigand Arms handguards and can from HD use after 20 years waiting for the right parts to finish it. Why? OK long story.

3 years ago we had a cop killer running around in the back acreage, thousands of acres. I tried to do chores with the long gun strapped to me but that was useless. So I started on a shorter gun search. I'm cutting out lots of back story.

I bought a KS7 and had intended to use short slugs in it. But I had a malfunction where the shell flipped ends. So I decided to make my own 1/4" longer. That was going to take longer than I wanted it to take so I decided to build another HD firearm. I decided on 300BLK and a handgun length barrel, 10.3". I already had a blast can on hand and while the can is 10" long it goes over the barrel and only makes the barrel 4" longer. Blast will kill your ears indoors so a can is mandatory with a cartridge that has a shoulder. I decided early on that the build was going to require something on the end of the barrel so that I could use a longer handguard. It will self destruct if the barrel is bare. I have a linear comp' that goes on when I don't use the can.

So far I'm happy with it and I don't tolerate garbage easily. It wears a Holosun red dot now and not the MRO sight pictured below. The laser/light at the end of the handguard is a TruGlo Trupoint green laser. Why? the Holosun has a red dot If I had a red laser which dot is which when I adjust the laser to the dot in the sight? Why the laser at all? A long gun can easily be levered out of ones grasp that why I went to much shorter guns in the first place. The laser/light allows me to tuck it under my arm, basically retracted, and still use it effectively. No need to extend it to use the red dot sight. But it's still there should I wish to. I've tested the laser out much further than HD could be justified. It works great.

My HD defense ammo pushes a 85 gr Maker copper bullet to 2300 fps for 1k ft/lbs. Based on tests in gel it should penetrate approx' 6" and not over penetrate. But I haven't tested it in flesh yet.

I have more loads to develop. I have a solid lead bullet that's a subsonic load and quiet with the right can in place.

If the ATF rules that arm braces are no longer acceptable the laser is in place for that, tucked at the hip, and of course I can cheek the gun.

I like the gun and I really like the cartridge. It's not impressive on paper but it's intended for exactly what I'm using it for. (IMO)

Same gun different sight, different arm brace, and the quiet can intended for subsonic.

The build:
I built when the left was burning left coast cities and parts availability was tight, but I decided from day one to go high end and that helped matters.

The .30 blast can is an Amtac CQB, the quiet can is a Dead Air Ghost-M in full length configuration and is only for subsonic. The Amtac can handle any .30, it's a beast.

The barrel is a Ballistic Advantage 10.3".

The lower is made for a local gun manufacturer.

The sight (not pictured) is a Holosun with photovoltaic power when there's enough light to save the battery.

Already mentioned is the TruGlo TryPoint Light/green laser for final identification and targeting. I liked it so much that I bought another for the KS7.

The handguard is a Lancer carbon fiber as are the 300BLK mags that I use (Lancer, not CF). Yes, 5.56 mags can be used. But I got the Lancer mags with steel lips for the same price as 5.56 mags so why not? Re: Lancer CS... just top notch. They didn't have what I wanted in stock but contacted me to tell me when they'd make it for me. Excellent to deal with.

The current BCG inside it is a JP Enterprises DLC coated. But it doesn't have forward assist serrations so I have a Sharps Rifle Co Xtreme performance BCG coming in and it'll be in my hot little hands on Monday. Have I ever used the forward assist for what it was designed for? No, never. I have only used it for closing the bolt after silently easing the BCG forward. The JP Enterprises is a really nice BCG so I'll keep it as a spare. Both companies are excellent to deal with.

The trigger is a Hyperfire Genesis with the heavy spring installed for the lightest trigger while giving the heaviest primer strike. I love light triggers and I have them in all my comp' guns. While I wouldn't suggest this for other folks w/o training it has a 1# 5oz trigger. One must remove the trigger finger from the trigger to prevent NDs. I've been doing that for many years. Want it to fire? Put the trigger finger in place and think about it going off. All of my guns have very light triggers. I confess, I'm a trigger snob. It's the first thing I test on any firearm. If it's no good I know I need to spend more $. Few make the grade (none?).

Everything about the gun was designed to give 100% reliability while trying to keep weight down and while not a lightweight gun for it's size so far it has been everything I wanted. Removing the can and putting the linear comp in place makes it a pound lighter but with blast. Shoot without either in place and the CF handguard is destroyed.

If we ever get another cop killer running around in the back 40 we're more than ready. How likely is that? I think we're good. (y)

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It's definitely fun, building a firearm & ammunition to your own specs - and then getting everything to function well together! (Can even get addicting... :>)
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