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Hey guys,
I got a P3AT for Xmas but just took it out for familiarization and range practice today.

No problems at all, but after about 25 rounds or so my trigger finger was feeling it.

I'm not gripping it in any unusual way that I can think of, except the size of the gun is so small. My thumb and forefinger seemed to be taking a beating from the kick and the rough grip.

Has anyone else experienced this? What do you do to overcome it?

Obviously this isn't my range gun so I'm not too broken up about it. Around 50 rounds through it with no problems. Is that sufficient to say it's broken-in on one of these pocket guns?

I've read the tips for fluff and buff, internals, etc. How about just shooting? Is there anything that can be done to the grip? Is there anything I can do with my grip... the way I'm holding it?


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Congrats on the new gun and welcome to the forum!

There have been many reports of this problem. These are some of the "fixes" that have reportedly worked, and probably the order in which they should be tried.

1. Sand the trigger and the inside of the trigger guard smooth with fine #600 sandpaper.
2. Hold the trigger back a bit longer after each shot. Giving time for the recoil to end before letting the trigger go forward.
3. Use a Band-Aid on your finger at the range.
4. Lengthen and widen the trigger a bit using a piece of shrink tubing over the trigger.
5. Add a trigger stop by gluing a piece of rubber to the trigger guard behind the trigger. Start thicker than necessary then sand it down until it's just right.
6. Shorten the trigger a bit by sanding it.

These can help your grip a lot...

Magazine Finger Extension Base Plates for the Kel-Tec P-3AT:

The Bersa (smooth) and Scherer (textured) style extensions need no modifications.
The NAA style extensions must be modified slightly.
Another option is the Kel-Tec 1-Round Magazine Extension which extends the magazine and also allows loading an extra round.

You can get Bersa and Scherer here:

Bersa (direct) here:
Part #48

Scherer here:
or here:

NAA (direct) here:
Two Finger Extension Base Plates for all Guardian magazines: $10.00
#MZ-FPK Two Finger Extension Base

Kel-Tec 1-Round Magazine Extension (direct) here:

If you’re handy you could try this 3-round extension:

These can help your grip also...

Slip-On Grips for the Kel-Tec P-3AT

Hogue, Pachmayr, and Glaser, make slip-on grips that fit the P-3AT. They are all a bit different. Some may need trimming. Glaser also makes “pads” that stick to the front and/or back straps to soften and slightly enlarge the grip. AGRIP makes a pre-cut stick-on grip.

Hogue HandAll, Jr
These have finger grooves, are thinner at the front and back straps, have slight palm swells, and are textured on the sides. These tend to be a bit loose on the P3-AT, so a layer or two of bicycle tube or a bit of something sticky helps to keep them tight.

Pachmayr, Model 4
These have finger grooves, are the same thickness all around, and are textured all over. These tend to be a bit loose on the P3-AT, so a layer or two of bicycle tube or a bit of something sticky helps to keep them tight.

These grips have no finger grooves, are the same thickness all around, and are smooth all over.
The pads are self-adhering and can be removed easily.


Or you can make your own:
One good thing about doing it this way is that the material is thin and you can experiment by trying a different number of layers. Some bike tubes have ribbed areas, so you can make a ribbed or smooth grip.
I got a couple of tubes free - went to a local bike shop and asked for any bad ones they were throwing away.
The 20 x 1.75 - 2.125 worked best for me.


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I took 320 grit to the diamonds on my P3 grip, I am right handed, so I lightly took off the tips on both sides (maybe 10 seconds of light sanding on both sides, barely blunting them), a little more heavily on the left.

But where my left thumb rests above the release I sanded them into almost non-existence. This is the second best mod I ever made to my P3AT right behind putting a finger extension on the mags. I say do it, you will not regret it. My grip is not reduced as far as I can tell in any way. Enjoy!

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I have the same problem with my trigger finger at around 50 rounds also. I figure when I fire it I'll just keep it under 50. As far as ready for carry, I personally would give it one or two more range trips with cleaning in between before I feel ready to trust my life to any gun. This way you know you are cleaning and reassembleing everything correct and I also shoot the ammo I carry.

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I too would go through a couple more boxes before full and complete trust. I finally realized I put my trigger finger in to the first knuckle, and pulled each shot off target slightly, I now put it half way to the knuckle and no more sore finger, or pulling the shots, get some snap caps and practice, also a laser really shows what happens when you pull the trigger. I have CT lasers on my carry p380, and back up p 32, both. The laser will show exactly how you react when fire. Jim <><

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I used 150 grit sandpaper on the inside of the trigger guard and anywhere else on the grip there was "flashing" from the manufacturing process. I also feel there's no excuse for not doing a fluff and buff on these. It's a tool that could save your life and all it takes is some 400-600 grit sandpaper and half an hour.

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diamond_jim said:
I now put it half way to the knuckle and no more sore finger, or pulling the shots
Me too. I find that I have to position the trigger right on the pad of my finger between the end and the first knuckle to pull through the trigger stroke and not get a battered finger.
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