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Hi, I need pics of how the hammer block and hammer block spring go back together.  The drawing in the manual and the kel-tec site are horrible.  Parts 272 and 273.....

Thanks in advance,


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Re: Need pics of how the hammer block and spring g

This question has probably been asked and explained a zillion times already on this board-it took me about 3 weeks to figure this method out.

Materials needed:

Hemastat or thin long nose pliers
Allen wrench thinner than HB hole to act as slave pin-about 3" long.
Updated HB with #2 stamped inside a little depression on Left Side of HB-if using old style HB, smooth side will face left side of gun.
HB pin

Insert slave pin into right HB hole just until it peeks out of frame on right side.
Use hemostats and carefully place HB over pin with #2 facing left side- round side of HB faces forward.
Carefully ease pin a little farther into HB while holding a little pressure on pin so HB does not slip off.
Position HB so that it's front two points are facing rear of gun and it's flat against right side.
Pick up spring by the coil, again carefully with hemastat, and insert right angle bend of spring into tiny top hole of HB.

Now the trickiest part of the whole operation:

Rotate HB up a tiny bit and as this is happening the long leg of the spring, (since the right angle end is into top hole of HB) will rotate downward.
Long end of spring will assume it's final position against rear wall of grip.
Use tip of right finger and slowly rotate coil of spring downward over HB lower hole.
At exactly this point push slave pin thru HB and spring coil and out the left side.

Now rest and see what you've got.

OK to finish-

Pull slave pin slowly back out right side until it's flush with outside of firearm on left side.
Place HB pin in on left side while slowly trading places with slave pin, which is slowly being withdrawn.
If HB pin doesn't quite line up with right hole, apply a little downward pressure on HB and push it thru.

Practice a few times and get familiar with what's taking place and what parts go where.
The only thing you should have trouble with is the rotation of the spring downward and catching it with the slave pin.    

If you still can't get it PM me.

[email protected]
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