My Wilson P3-AT Range Report

Discussion in 'P-3AT' started by sprinter1, Dec 19, 2007.

  1. sprinter1

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    Jan 1, 2006
    I met a guy at the range a couple of weeks ago that had a P3-AT he purchased about 15 months ago and he didn't like it and wanted to get rid of it. He said it FTE about every 3rd round and the magazine kept falling out. I told him it was an easy fix, he said he didn't want to mess with it and make him an offer. At that point I used my Hero Wilson's line and offered him $100. He actually accepted it ;D

    I took it down completely and removed all burrs and polished all bearing surfaces and polished the feed ramp to a mirror finish and replaced the mag catch, extractor, extractor spring and screw. Gave it a good lube and headed to the range. It was 100% error free for 100 rounds down range. As you can tell, I'm sold on Kel-Tec. I also believe that if you F&B and take the gun completely apart and remove all the burrs and polish all the moving parts you don't need more than 100 rounds for a reliable BUG. (Just my belief).

    The photo has our new Grip Cover on it. We recently started molding the cover material in-house for our roller line and have now made enough to start using it for our gun grips. It is thinner and softer and easier to install than the original. We will be sending out grips made with the new material for all orders purchased during our Holiday Special Sale.

  2. TxCajun

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    Sep 7, 2004
    Dang Sprinter... Wilson will be proud of ya.

    Good deal. :cool:

  3. burley

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    Nov 26, 2006
    Ya lucky dog you. Nice catch
  4. JFB

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    Jul 25, 2005
    Good Deal ;)

    Is it possible the guy never cleaned or lubed it?
  5. sprinter1

    sprinter1 New Member

    Jan 1, 2006
    Actually the button head screw was loose and it had the old extractor and the mag catch just had a flashing on it ;D It's s/n is HCxxx
  6. tommy51s

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    Oct 10, 2007
    Kansas City
    Good going sprinter! You are an inspiration.
  7. Logan

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    Dec 9, 2007
    Wish I could find a deal like that. Congrats on the steal.

  8. 1st.  ... great steal on the $100 Wilson Special!

    and a BIG +1 on the complete take down.

    Every KT I get, and a few of my friends KT's, look like this before they are ever shot!



    No.. the penny was not inside a new KT... but the trash was!