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I have mentioned that I bought my NIB, First Gen. P3AT a few years back, intending to use it for carry when I got my HCP then ended up not getting the permit (and so not fooling with the P3AT a whole lot) until last year.

When I first started shooting it more, it would pretty often 'up-end' the next up round from the mag (stovepipe with a live round) or otherwise not load correctly.  Thanks to finding this site, I did a fluff and buff and got that worked out.  After the F&B and starting to use grease on the rails, etc. it worked better but still not great.  I did a bit of a rampectomy and that seemed to help - it worked perfectly for a couple of months.  Then it seemed that the extractor spring got weak and it started failing to fully extract.  I got KT to send me a new extractor assembly and, while I was waiting, modified the old extractor.  The modified extractor seemed to fix the problem and it worked well, again - for another couple of months - then started doing it, again.  Last week, I decided to go ahead and install the new extractor and spring that KT had sent me, hoping that would fix the problem.  Comparing the old and new springs, I noticed that the new spring was noticeably longer (maybe it was cut longer or maybe the old one was just compressed, not sure.)  This still didn't fix the problem.  When I tested it out, it would operate fine for a couple of rounds and then consistently jam on the third.  I had to drop the mag and hand cycle to clear then once or twice it did it, again, before the mag was empty.  I only put four or so magfuls through it because it was obvious it wasn't going to work and I didn't want to waste more of what little .380 ammo I have (my mom recently bought a .380 and is having trouble finding ammo.) It did this with two different magazines.  It isn't the extractor because the extractor claw was leaving deep gouges on the rim of the spent casings where it was being ripped free from the rim.  It was doing the same thing with the old, modified extractor (although the gouges weren't quite as pronounced) and I thought it was just that the spring was too weak but obviously that was not the case.  I don't believe it is simply soft brass because it has done this with a few, different types of ammo.  I am beginning to wonder if the chamber is out of spec. and can't think of anything else that might be causing the problem.

I am going to call KT and see if I can get a new barrel.  If I can and that doesn't do the trick, I'm going to send it back to them.  I have been hesitant to do so as I know that if they can't fix it I would get a 2nd gen as a replacement and I just like the look of the 1st gen better.  However, I have come to the point that I'd rather have a functioning 2nd gen that I might find less visually appealing than a 1st gen that isn't reliable.

For the record, as I sent my P11 back home for repairs roughly 8 weeks ago, that means that both of my KTs are currently out of commission.
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