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Took the new toy out to the range today and I must say I was very impressed!

Tried 3 different kinds of ammo:
Winchester 85gr Silvertips
Winchester White Box 95gr FMJ bulk
Winchester 95gr BEB (Winclean)

All fed and ejected perfectly. Ran over 100 rounds through the pistol.
Only issue I had was little bit of a sore hand ;) (Not really bad at all though).

I fairly certain that the highly recommended fluff and buff I did before I even
fired the pistol had something to do with it.

I've already got most of my accessories incoming:
2 extra mags
3 +1 grip extensions
Concealment concepts Pocket Pal (I'm sure I'll end up with a K&D as well, but for 10 bucks...)

Only other thing I want\need is the metal mag catch. I've got an IM out to Two Pistol Packer for that...

Fired all the way out to 25 yards with pretty fair accuracy (minute of pie plate) when I did my part.
Damn this little guy has a looooong trigger!!
7-10 yards (the longest realistic range this gun is intended for, in my opinion) and less produced much better groups. Rapid fire is pretty much all over the place unless you're 3 yards or less.

I'm sure the grip extension will help with that. I'm also going to try the poor mans grip sleeve and see if that makes it easier to hang on to the pistol.

Anyway, just wanted to post a thank you to everyone here. The info I got before and after my purchase by just reviewing this forum was great.


Thanks for the great report and congrats !

I preach the Fluff and buff because I do think it will eliminate a lot of problems before they occure, and also because of the trash I have found in the little guns when they are new.

And no.... I did not find a penny inside... it is in the pic to show scale!
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