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Hey Guys,

I'm new to this web site and to Kel Tec so bear with me. I just bought the P-3AT, stripped it and cleaned it, but it would not chamber a round unless i smacked the slide closed. did everyone have this same problem out of the box? if so, how do u fix it? also i have not taken it to the range yet, but will do tomorrow, worried i will have to slam it shut after each shot. any advice would be great.

cowboys956 said:
also, hear alot about 1st generation and 2nd generation. whats the difference and how do i know which one i have?
u have a 2nd generation kt. it has a little buttonhead screw on the right side of the slide. The stiffness might just need to be shot a few hundred rounds to smooth things out. You should lube the weapon and put some grease on the slide rails, and alittle polish to the feed ramp will help feeding also. Then just shoot it like u stole it, shoot good ammo, forget about hp's until you get it running perfect with fmj ammo, rem.magtec,ccibrass cased ammo all works great in these guns. Once u get it working fine, then decide what hollow point you want to shoot and by a couple of boxes and shoot um to make sure they work great. Corbon dpx seesm to be the round of choice, and indeed it is a good round IMO.
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