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Discussion in 'P-3AT' started by robin.kevin, Feb 12, 2011.

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    I got a p-3AT today. Must say that even tho its small it still feels pretty decent in my large hands and the sights are not as bad as I thought they would be. May end up selling the 3AT for a PF-9 but I want to at least give this 3AT a change first as its just the prefect carry size (got it in a trade, NIB). I stripped it down and polished it up good and made sure it was lubed well. Now just cant wait to go shoot this little puppy!

    However I do have a few questions. First of all I am looking at holsters, and many of them that are special molded such as some leather IWB holsters don't say they are for the KT P-3AT but are for the LCP. Would they work for the 3AT? I know they are close in size, but not sure how close.

    My other question is can the 3AT shoot flat nose FMJ ammo? I was told LCP's feed them great but not sure on the 3AT.

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    If a leather holster is tightly molded, it needs to be model specific.  Some are molded to the slide, trigger guard, etc.  This is even more true of kydex.  However, some leather and all cloth holsters that fit more loosely can fit a variety of similar sized guns.  It depends on how tightly molded a leather holster is.  The maker should be able to tell you what it fits.  

    You need to test the ammo in your gun.  Some can be a little picky, especially during breakin.  Many shoot flat-nosed stuff just fine, however, generally speaking, round nosed ammo is likely to feed more reliably.

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    I have a nylon pocket holster and love it. The P-3 is great for carrying this way. In the summer when it get tougher to conceal is when the P-3 shines. I have a compact 40 but dont carry it because of the size. The P-3 will not gather dust in the summer.
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    IWB Molded Holsters - Try here...

    Both my P3ATs will shoot flat nose without issue but like has already been said they need to be tried in your gun. Flat nose bullets might be a good choice if you live in an area that has a winter and folks are wearing heavier clothing.

    Personally, if you allow me to say so, if I were not to pocket or ankle carry the P3AT then I'd forget about the P3AT and get something bigger in both size and caliber. Its an individual thing and I realize many folks are happy IWBing their P3ATs, LSCPs, S&W BodyGuards, ets.

    Bill K.
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    Re: My new little friend... (w/ Range Review)

    Ok so I got some time to get to the range and run a box down the barrel. The pistol ran great in 50 rounds I only have 1 FTE which I consider good for a never fired KT which is said to have a 100+ break in. I also like the heavy trigger which I found very revolver like, however with my hands the trigger reach is too close. I havent even found this on a pistol but it made it hard to actually get the trigger pulled all the way back and I had to reposition my hand a few times when this happen. That does worry be as I may not always have the perfect hold it when using for self defense and I still need to get the trigger back to fire a round. Also with such a tiny pistol it beat up my hands pretty bad. Recoil doesnt seem bad to me but the trigger guard does hit my finger and my wife notice that it made my tumb knuckle and webbing red from the "hilt" of the grip. So due to this I have decided even though I really like the pistol its just too small for my hands.

    On another note my wife really likes the 3AT and it fits her hands real well. However shes still trying to decide on it or a .38 revolver. I told her to go with which ever one she likes best. She has only shot a few handgun in her life so shes gonna have to try out a .38 before she can decide.

    Far as I go I need something bigger. I like revolvers being around them more then autos but dont like the short sight radius and the bulkiness of them for conceal carry. I think a auto is just better suited for carry.
    How much further is the trigger reach going to be on the p-11 or pf-9? Which is my next choice in handgun.

    All in all, for my first kel tec I give 2 thumbs up for a first range visit. I brought it home clean it and did a little more polishing where I notice it was getting metal to metal contact, oil it real good again and its ready for a second range visit if the wife decides to keep it. If not I will sell it and it will be a great pistol for the next owner.