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Bought a used Kel-Tec PF-9 from another member on another forum I am heavy on a few weeks back. It was a gray frame on black slide. I decided to give it a fresh makeover and try to mimic a PF-9 I had seen online I really liked. So here is what we have:

-new OEM FDE frame
-Northwoods Trigger (aluminum)
-HiViz fibers mod on stock sights
-feed ramp polish
-pinky extensions + new mags
-fresh clean and lube
-cerakote black parts new Graphite black and Satin Aluminum on the barrel and slide

.. and viola




ps - yes, for those with good eyes, it is missing the extractor :( and yeah so well uh hmmm argh this came to light - 99.9% positive it was not on the weapon at purchase time :(

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That looks excellent! Nice Job! How durable are the coatings? I would like to give my PF9 a makeover due to being carried 16+ hours a day and in and out of the holster 2 to 3 time daily, my factory finish is getting rough. Will it holdup as well as the factory applied finish?
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