My CTC laser came in (with pics)

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  1. FULL DISCLOSURE:  This is the same initial review I just posted over at Arfcom, rather than start from scratch I just plagiarized myself.  ;)

    My LG430 arrived yesterday from Midway USA and was waiting on me when I got home last night. :D

    It came in the familiar black CTC box along with everything I'm used to getting, plus it was wrapped in a neat logo'd cloth (first one of these I've seen)...


    Upon initial inspection it looks like the usual high quality I've come to expect from CTC...



    The attachment method -- two halves fitted to and assembled around/enclosing the trigger-guard, flush with the frame/dust cover, was reminiscent of some older Laser Devices, Inc. laser units I had for my Glocks way back in the when...


    Installation was clean and simple, and everything fits just like it should...




    If anything, it is less obtrusive when handling the gun than I even expected & adds very little to the underside of the trigger guard.  (Please note that, despite being a big guy, I have "smallish" hands so you with larger hands my notice it more than I do.)

    Activation is crisp/instant/automatic once the pistol is gripped -- no need to shift your finger/hand or exert extra pressure.  It is very natural.  Just playing with it dry it appears to be close to POA for me -- we'll see when I get a chance to fire it, hopefully this weekend.  

    So far, I am pleased with what I see... :)
  2. velvalco

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    Dec 28, 2007
    that looks nice, i just might have to get one of them for my p3at

  3. torrent

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    Dec 18, 2006
    That looks really nice! What was the price tag? If you try it and give a good enough report I may get one for myself. How does the pressure switch work while in a holster? Any chance of it accidently coming on while in a pocket holster or some similar style?
  4. $179 + s/h from Midway USA.

    I knew it wouldn't fit in my Hedley custom holster :'(, so I ordered a DeSantis Nemesis along with the laser unit (and a couple of boxes of Cor-Bon DPX for good measure -- been meaning to try those out ;) ).

    It seems to fit in the Nemesis but doesn't quite fully "seat" -- given the material construction of the Nemesis, I believe it will give enough over time to work with the laser attached (others are, of course, working on P3AT+CTC-specific pocket holster -- I eagerly await such).

    The design of the Nemisis is such that the holster itself is in no danger of pressing the button, and I don't think the pressure from your leg/pants will either but I haven't carried it yet (and won't until after a thorough testing). The unit does not have an off/override switch like many of their full-size units do, but I don't thik I would even want such on a gun that will be carried primarily in pockets.
  5. The CTC Lasers are great, IMHO.

    I posted my report here:

    There is info in my report on a few  holsters that do and do not fit.

    Guru Dave...NO GO!

    Desanti Nemisis:  GOOD!

    Uncle Mikes #36:  GOOD!

    5:11 :  Good!

    I have not noticed the laser activating in the holsters that it fit in, but note that in the 5:11 I have to be aware of how I put things into the holster.

    Spare mag first, pointy part of pinky extension away from gun, then insert the gun.

    This is my second Crimson Trace that I use for self defense, and I do recommend them!
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    Jan 1, 2006
    That is a very clean functional design in a compact package. I'm impressed.
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    Dec 18, 2006
    Thanks for the link guys. I've saved it and if you all give a good report I will get one for myself.
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    May 4, 2007
    Mine's a little different. I have a Hogue rubber grip glued on. I found the CT would still fit over the rubber, but preferred to remove a little square of the rubber grip so as to put no extra stress on the laser button. It fits the P3 perfectly, and does allow noticeably more room for the trigger finger than my Armalaser model - a very nice improvement.

    This version of the CT laser has one serious flaw - the button is way too sensitive! The CT laser I have on my S&W gives a definite "click" when you press the button, and does not come on when you use a light grip with the button finger. Not so with the P3AT CT button - even the lightest touch turns on the laser.

    I carried it around all day in my ankle holster - just to see what would happen. When I first put it into the holster, the laser did not come on. But, at the end of the day, the laser was almost completely dead - the switch had been touched by the holster at some point during the day, and stayed that way all day. I'd suggest that you get a new holster that goes nowhere near the on button if you want to use this laser. In any case, the entire point of having a button is so that you can have control of the laser - this light touch button prevents you from controlling the ON function - not what I was expecting  :(

    If I can't find a holster I like, or I can't adjust my grip to prevent the laser from turning on, the CT is going back where it came from. Hopefully, they will fix this at some point down the road. They will, if they get enough of them back  ;)

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    Apr 1, 2005
    I hadn't thought of that problem.
    Thanks for the heads up.